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revista elle komvida

“Some days ago we heard about Queen Letizia had introduced a new kombucha made in Spain in Zarzuela Palace. Kombucha is a drink very popular for yogis and celebrities. We have been talking with the coofunders of Komvida to know what is it, what are its main benefits and where can it be found.”


“Queen Letizia often drinks this low-calorie and healthy drink.”


revista elle komvida

“KOMVIDA ORGANIC KOMBUCHA has many benefits: it boosts the immune system, activates liver function (detox effect) and it is a powerful antioxidant.”


revista vanitatis komvida

“It is the latest beverage in the market: healthy, gourmet and hipster. You are sure to fall in love with this sparkling and acidic drink.”


periodico abc komvida

“Superfoods: super-powered food. Kombucha has been known for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine defined it as a purifying, antioxidant and energizing elixir.”


periodico el mundo komvida

“We respect all fermentation times, and this is why our sparkling kombucha is very tasty and healthy for you.”


periodico el español komvida

“Some of the first Spaniards who have reprodued this fashionable drink are two entrepreneurs from the region of Extremadura (Nuria Morales and Beatriz Magro). They have created KOMVIDA ORGANIC KOMBUCHA mixing a Chinese mushroom with tea, sugar, mineral water and organic juices. It is a tasty drink, and 100% organic.”


revista cincuentopia komvida

“It was born of ambition, an innovative approach and the experiences of two friends travelling around the world. They come from Fregenal de la Sierra, a little village in Badajoz (Extremadura).”


revista de menu en menu komvida

“It has just arrived in Spain. Created by two young entrepreneurs from the region of Extremadura, Komvida is the first Spanish premium kombucha.”


revista alimarket komvida

“A fermented drink on fire!”


revista mujer hoy komvida

“Kombucha doesn’t contain carbonic gas, added sugar, and gluten. In fact, it is a raw-vegan food.”


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