What is kombucha made of?

Kombucha is a probiotic drink obtained from fermented tea produced by a colony of bacteria. This delicious beverage is known for its many healthy attributes, as demonstrated by hundreds of cases and numerous scientific publications around the world, such as the study made by the American Nutrition Association.

In Komvida we use ingredients of the highest quality to obtain the best kombucha. Our recipe consists of tea, sugar, mineral water and natural and different flavors of organic juices.


What is Komvida?

Komvida Organic Kombucha is a fizzy, healthy, refreshing, probiotic and energetic drink. It is available in three different flavors: ginger-lemon, berry and green tea. Our kombucha is 100% natural, organic and it is ethically and sustainably produced in the region of Extremadura, where it is then distributed throughout the rest of Spain.


What does “probiotic” mean?

When you are healthy, a high number of beneficial bacteria lives in your body making you feel more lively and fit. Probiotic drinks, such as Komvida Organic Kombucha, contain these bacteria that are very good for your health and body.
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as live micro-organisms that, “when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” Komvida Organic Kombucha is a probiotic food, meaning that it contains microorganisms which stay alive in the gut producing important physiologic effects in the body.
One of the many benefits of the probiotic food group is its contribution to balance intestinal microbiota, and boost the immune system.


“Komvida is life for your body”. What does this mean?

When you drink Komvida, you automatically introduce living beneficial bacteria into your system, since Komvida is a probiotic food. These bacteria are highly beneficial to one’s health: they boost the immune system and the enzymes.


What are the benefits of kombucha?

Regular consumption of kombucha strengthens the immune system, activates liver function (detox effect), prevents the risk of cancer, relieves arthritis, improves digestion, helps in weight loss, increases intestinal flora, boosts your energy and it is an antioxidant.


How should I drink Komvida?

Up to you! We recommend drinking it quite cold (better without ice, but you can drink it with ice too!) in a glass, in the cup you prefer, or directly from our useful bottle. You can add some herbs such as mint or peppermint, strawberries and some lemon or orange slices.


Can I mix it with alcohol?

Yes, you can mix it with alcohol if you want, but don´t forget to add more Komvida than alcohol!


When should I drink it?

At any time! Maybe in the morning, as an alternative to your cup of coffee, after doing exercise, in the afternoon or during dinner! We highly recommend a daily consumption of Komvida to enjoy its numerous benefits.


How much Kombucha should I drink per day?

We recommend at least one of our 250 ml bottles per day to feel the benefits of Komvida in your body. However, “virtue is the happy medium between two extremes”, so you shouldn’t go over a liter per day, even though there is not an established limit.


Should I shake the bottle before drinking it?

No, you shouldn’t. Remember it is an effervescent fermented drink (like beer). If you shake the bottle before opening it, the content can spill. We recommend moving it softly to get it mixed.

Is Komvida a sugared drink? How much sugar does it have?

No, none. Although we need sugar for its production, Komvida Organic Kombucha is not a sugared drink. Like in other fermented drinks, sugar is food for bacteria (and for yeast), which processes this sugar and creates beneficial bacteria communities for the body. The result is a beverage containing so little sugar that is not even considered a sugared drink. Komvida Organic Kombucha doesn’t contain added sugar but rather a very beneficial residue processed by the bacteria.


Is Komvida pasteurized?

In order not to alter or eliminate all probiotic benefits of kombucha, Komvida is not pasteurized. That is the reason why we consider Komvida as a live and probiotic food.


Who SHOULDN’T drink it?

Komvida is a live and probiotic food. It does not at all mean that it is risky, though. Not pasteurizing makes our kombucha preserve all its properties. We recommend, however, that those with bowel or immune system diseases, pregnant women who have never consumed kombucha before their pregnancy (if they had, they can keep drinking it), breastfeeding women and children under 5 not drink kombucha. Talk to your doctor in any case.


What does Komvida taste like?

We have 3 available flavors:
-GREENVIDA: Made just of green tea. Green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Greenvida tastes like original kombucha, but more sparkling! It has the effects of that millennial elixir which samurais discovered thousands years ago.
-GINGERVIDA: A perfect balance between ginger and lemon. Gingervida is the most digestive and energetic option!
-BERRYVIDA: A burst of berries, full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Berryvida is the perfect detox for you!!


Does Komvida have any caffeine?

Our kombucha is made up of organic green tea leaves for Greenvida, and a bit of earl tea for Berryvida and Gingervida. According to several researchers, kombucha has just 1/3 of the caffeine in the initial tea solution needed for its production (sometimes less, it depends on fermentation times). Earl tea contains over 30-80 mg of caffeine (theine) per cup. The kombucha produced would contain 10-25 mg of caffeine and just 2-3 mg if it is produced from green tea. According to the researchers, both are very law levels which are good for health.


Is Komvida animal-product free?

Yes, Komvida is animal-product free; in fact, it is a raw vegan and natural drink. It doesn’t contain milk and it is gluten free.


Is Komvida a dairy drink?

No, Komvida doesn’t contain milk. Unlike other probiotics like milk kefir, we don´t use any milk product for producing Komvida. It is gluten and animal-product free, more specifically, raw-vegan.


Is kéfir?

Both kombucha and kefir are probiotic foods. For their production, a liquid containing sugar, bacteria and yeast is used. Both of them contain beneficial bacteria very good for your gut, but Komvida and kefir are definitely not the same. This type of kefir needs milk (animal bacteria) to be grown, while kombucha just needs tea fermentation, bacteria and yeast. They don’t contain the same kind of bacteria. Fermentation times are also different: 24-48 hours for kefir and 7-20 hours for kombucha. Their taste and look have nothing to do with it!


Is Komvida water kefir?

Both kombucha and kefir are probiotic foods. A liquid containing sugar, bacteria and yeast is used for their production. However, fermentation times differ: 24-48 hours for kefir and 7-20 hours for kombucha. Neither kinds of beneficial bacteria obtained from each product are the same.


Is Komvida an alcoholic drink?

No, none. Komvida is a probiotic drink but not an alcoholic one. Fermentation process can produce a very little quantity of alcohol (around a 0.3%). The effects of drinking a beer would amount to drinking 4 liters of Komvida.


What does “fermentation” mean?

Bacteria and yeast symbiosis (scoby) converts tea and sugar into a sparkling and acidic beverage, known as kombucha. This metabolic process is known as “fermentation”. The acids produced during the fermentation confer kombucha its wonderful taste. Kombucha is the result of the fermentation of tea during an established time at a certain temperature and oxygenation conditions.


Once Komvida bottle has been opened, when should I consume it?

Once opened, you should consume it before 7 days.


How many calories does Komvida contain?

Gingervida has 29 kcal in 100 ml and Gingervida and Berryvida have 31 kcal. This means that Komvida has fewer calories than an apple, so it will help you balance your metabolism.

Can Komvida produce allergies?

One of the functions of probiotics is to fight allergies. However, those people allergic to tea, sugar or fermented products might have an allergic reaction.


How I should preserve my Komvida?

Komvida always needs to be refrigerated below 15 ºC. We recommend drinking it cold.


How and where can I buy it?

On our website or in the various stores throughout Spain that sell Komvida.
If you are a seller and you are interested in selling Komvida in your store, please contact us here:


Are bacteria still alive once I open the bottle?

Yes. According to several researchers, microorganisms are still alive even when the bottle is opened.

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