What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink made of tea, scoby (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts) sugar and water. Sugar is basically consumed by the scoby, so the result is a really healthy beverage with natural bubbles from fermentation.

What are the ingredients of Komvida?

Organic green tea, scoby, organic sugar and water. With these four ingredients we get the original kombucha. Once we get this, we can add some other organic ingredients, like fruits, to create different and tasty flavors!

Where can I find Komvida?

You can buy Komvida in our online store and also in several stores around Spain. Check here.

How should I drink it?

Drink it cold. You can drink it directly from the bottle or in your favourite  glass or cup. Be creative and tell us: what is the best way for you to drink Komvida?

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Oh, yes! It is important you keep your Komvidas in the fridge.

Why are there something floating on my kombucha?

It means you just found scoby floating in your kombucha. That is totally normal in kombucha and highly beneficial for you!

How much time does Komvida last on my fridge?

Once you open your Komvida, drink it before 7 days. We’re sure you won’t have any problem with that tho…


What if I have an intestinal disease, I am pregnant or I am a child?

Komvida is 100 % organic and not pasteurized. There are no studies revealing that pregnant women, children or people with particular diseases should not drink Komvida. However, we always recommend to ask to your doctor in these cases.

Why should I drink Komvida?

Because Komvida is 100 % organic, it has no added sugar, it is naturally carbonated  and absolutely delicious. Komvida is not pasteurized and it is bottled in glass so it conserves all the benefits.

What does scoby mean?

Scoby, or symbiotic colony or bacteria and yeasts, is one of the ingredients of kombucha. Its job is consuming sugar and tea to produce kombucha. We call it magic!

How does it take the delivery?

Less than 48 hours. You will receive them from Monday to Friday before 2pm

When should I drink it?

Anytime! Every moment is perfect to drink Komvida, you’ll see.

How much Komvida can I drink per day?

As much as you like. We usually have one a day. Sometimes two… or three.

Does it have any alcohol?

Komvida is a fermented drink but it contains less than 0,3 % of alcohol. So it is not considered an alcoholic drink.

Is it carbonated?

It is naturally carbonated. As a result of the fermentation process.

Any other questions?

We are happy to answer. Write us an email: