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Taking Komvida Benefits

You wouldn’t imagine what Kombucha does for you

bebida kombucha beneficia salud

kombucha una bebida naturalKomvida benefits:

kombucha una bebida naturalIt boosts your immune system

kombucha una bebida naturalIt is antioxidant and activates liver function (detox effect)

kombucha una bebida naturalIt improves your digestion

kombucha una bebida naturalIt balances intestinal flora

kombucha una bebida naturalIt helps to lose weight

kombucha una bebida naturalIt is energizing

kombucha para mejorar el sistema inmunológico

Our second brain

The microbiotaa is made up of more than 100 billion bacteria which affect our overall health, from our sexual appetite or energy level to the appearance of our skin and hormonal balance.

In addition to playing a vital role in digestion, the gut is also connected to the brain, via the nervous system. For this reason, we feel better and happier when we have a healthy gut.

These “good” bacteria that help our whole body to function properly, we find in probiotics.

kombucha beneficiosa organismo

Probiotics and Kombucha

Komvida Organic Kombucha is a probiotic food. This means that it contains beneficial bacteria which stay alive in the gut working for you to feel better.

When you drink Komvida you automatically introduce those bacteria into your system.

These bacteria are highly beneficial for your health: they boost your immune system and the adequate functioning of enzymes.

kombucha bebida alternativa sana natural

Buy your Komvida pack

Komvida Organic Kombucha is a drink created to celebrate each moment of your life in a healthy and natural way. Before Komvida, there was no drink in Spain as nutritious and delicious that could be enjoyed during life’s best moments.

Better yet, it is also produced naturally, ethically and organically.


bebida kombucha beneficiosa

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