los inicios de komvida

This is our story,

By Bea & Nuria .

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Not in a garage
but in a basement

As you know, most of the cool brands were started by two men in a garage in California. Komvida was started by two women in a basement full of scobys in the region of Extremadura (Spain) after many months looking for the perfect formula.

bebida probiotica kombucha

It happened in California

We decided to travel to California, the Mecca of the Kombucha world. After several weeks tasting formulas and studying, we found what we have been searching: the perfect formula for our kombucha. It was the moment to come back to Spain and settle the factory and business headquarters in Fregenal de la Sierra, our hometown.

kombucha es antioxidante

Who does what?

Nuria––the one in the left––is a chemical engineer, expert on fermentation and responsible for the kombucha production. Bea is the one in charge of marketing, communication and business.

nosotras somos komvida

This is thank to you

The story continues and is built every single day thanks to you.

If you have any doubt, please write an email to: hola@komvida.com

(también es muy probable que encuentres la respuesta en nuestro apartado de preguntas frecuentes).

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