Finally kombucha at Spain.
Find out.

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Finally kombucha at Spain. Find out.

Wach video

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a probiotic drink obtained from fermented tea and produced by a colony of bacteria called scoby. This beverage, considered as an elixir of life, is known for its many healthy attributes. We follow the millennial and traditional recipe to produce our kombucha: a fizzy, natural and delicious beverage.

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Discover what’s behind Komvida

There is a wonderful team behind Komvida. But actually, those who travelled around the world and brought kombucha to Spain were Bea and Nuria. They come from the region of Extremadura and they are committed to sustainability, resilience (this is to say, learning  how to live in this crazy world) and a healthy life.

About us
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Happy and proud to say that Komvida is at Starbucks. You can find our Komvidas, Berryvida and Gingervida in your nearest Starbucks.

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